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Simple Web site updating for everyone!

Keeping your Web site fresh and up-to-date is essential for the success of your business. New visitors are attracted by information that's timely, and you need to freshen your Web site's content frequently to satisfy repeat visitors. But keeping your Web site updated is difficult and time consuming, especially if your business features a lot of different inventory that changes constantly. Until now.

Exclamation™ Desktop Web Publisher

Ten League Boots has the solution. No special training is required. Anyone who can run a "canned" spreadsheet can maintain their Web site with Exclamation! It’s that fast and easy.

Web site owners Web site designers

Edit and publish often, and using all of your current Web site assets. Exclamation adds automation to your existing site, empowering you to keep your Web site up to date and accurate, quickly and simply.

Free yourself from the tedious job of maintaining client Web sites. Offer new designs to your current customers, for much less than your original development costs. Have more time to serve more customers.

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