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About Ten League Boots™


Ten League Boots was founded to bring Web site publishing automation technologies to small and medium sized businesses. These sites need vital sites without a high price. We design and deliver complete solutions, ready to be used with minimal training. We apply this philosophy to all markets we serve.

We serve all small and medium sized businesses, as well as Web site design service firms. We can help anyone who has a "cobweb" site and wants to take control but keep it simple. Especially businesses (or departments) on a limited budget can realize a more productive use of the Web without a dent in your pocket book ... or your busy schedule.


We have been creating Web solutions since 1994, and more software for years before that. We wear many hats at Ten League Boots:


Q: Why "Ten League Boots"?
A: We based our name on the fabled seven league boots of Tom Thumb fame. With these boots the wearer can cross seven leagues with each stride. With our software, anyone can go far.
You can read the original fairy tale.
Q: Why ten instead of seven?
A: You'll go ever further in Ten League Boots.


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Take big strides with Ten League Boots

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