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Exclamation™ Designer

The Web Designer, the person who knows HTML and how to design good looking sites, uses Exclamation Designer to create the project used by Exclamation Publisher.

Exclamation content publishing flowUse the tools you know! You still design your templates using whatever HTML tools you use now: Macromedia Dreamweaver™, Adobe GoLive™, or a plain text editor. Exclamation is a post-processor that converts templates and client data into real Web pages.

No browser preference! We do not care which browser or HTML features you want to use. They work equally well with Exclamation.

No Web server preference! Exclamation uploads the browser-ready files to any Web server using FTP. No server extensions are needed. Any brand of Web server works. CGI programs and forms work, too!

Design + Logic = Web site. We've accomplished what the others could not. Your HTML templates are free of nasty logic that makes them unviewable and practically unmaintainable. All the logic has been separated into the template declaration tag file.

You just use the special greeking word [[data.field]] to insert the client's text. That, plus a couple additional tag attributes (LOOP and IF), gives you tremendous power to create just about any site you can create by hand.

Use the client's data, not a transcription of it. Exclamation can read from any application that writes tab delimited text files. That includes FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Excel and Access, as well as many image asset managers, SQL databases and inventory systems. Because Exclamation runs on the client's computer, their precious data files are never exposed to the lax security of a public Web server.


Exclamation Designer and Exclamation Publisher run on these platforms:

Mac OS® X Mac OS X 10.2.1 or later
MS Windows®  Windows 7, Vista or XP
Java™ 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE™) 1.3.1 or later

A complete Exclamation desktop Web publishing system also includes a site content editor, which can be any application that can generate a tab-delimited text file. The following applications are good candidates for creating an Exclamation content editor:



Type   Company Mac OS® X MS Windows®
FileMaker Pro 6, 7 or 8 database FileMaker, Inc. available available
Microsoft Access database Microsoft Corp. available
Microsoft Excel spreadsheet Microsoft Corp. available available
AppleWorks 6 database,
Apple Computer available available
(K-12 education
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