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Exclamation™ Publisher

About Exclamation Publisher

Exclamation's business work flowIf you own a Web site, you use Exclamation to publish your Web site changes. Exclamation reads your information ("content") and weaves that information into dozens, hundreds or even thousands of new and changed Web pages.

With one edit, you can update a product price or picture on every page it appears. Unlike the limited tools offered by other big companies, your changes affect many pages, not just one page. Exclamation focuses you on your data, not how the pages look. That saves your time, getting you back to your real work.

You need no special training. Your ability to run a spreadsheet or an accounting application are the same skills you use to edit your Web site. You can delegate the work to just about anyone.

Work fast. All the data is right at your fingertips, on your own computer, so it is fast. And because it is fast, you can see it all. Other solutions force you to view your content through a Web browser, leaving you with that slow, unnatural and clunky editing experience.

No middlemen. You are the one who knows your business best. Why send changes off to a busy Web designer, who can't tell if that's really the right price, spelling, or wording? By doing it yourself, you get it right.

No waiting. When you do it yourself, you get it done now, not when the designer has time to get to around to it. Is your event calendar stale? Are your visitors seeing regular prices instead of your special sale prices?

Get specific. Don't tell customers to pick up the phone or send e-mail for more information—put the details on the site! When you aren't being charged by the designer hour, you'll feel comfortable making your site reflect more about your business.

Your data is secure. You can publish from many computer applications you use right now, such as your spreadsheets, QuickBooks, or inventory. Only with Exclamation is your private data kept private, on your computer. Only the parts you want made public are ever exposed to the Web service.

The bottom line? Updates are simplified. Simplier to use means more frequent updating, and a fresher Web site. Take down sold items. Add new inventory. Change a front page story. It can be done several times a day, if you want, it is that easy.

We'll Do It For You

If you own a Web site, talk to us about our personal services. Someone has to create the necessary publishing project files used by Exclamation Publisher. We can do it, or your Web designer can do it. Exclamation Publisher is what you'll use once your site has been automated.

We work from your existing Web site, preserving your investment. If you want a new design, we can do that too.

Check out our business services now!


Exclamation Publisher runs on these platforms:

Mac OS® X Mac OS X 10.2.1 or later
MS Windows®  Windows 7, Vista or XP
Java™ 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE™) 1.3.1 or later

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