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Getting Started with Exclamation™

Installing Exclamation software

The Exclamation Downloads page provides the latest release of the Exclamation application, the sample Movies Project, and all Exclamation documentation.

The Exclamation Release Notes describe the important changes in the latest beta release, along with the major issues that will be addressed in upcoming beta releases.

Note: Please take the time to review the Release Notes so that you're aware of the limitations of this Exclamation Beta release. If you're a new user, you can skip over any item that you don't understand.

Reading the Exclamation Designer's Guide

The best way to become familiar with Exclamation features and usage is to read the Exclamation Designer's Guide. This step-by-step tutorial describes the creation of a Web site from a database of information about 100+ movies.

The Guide starts with creating a simple, one-page list of movie titles, and moves in stages to a more and more sophisticated site. This scenario illustrates all of the important Exclamation concepts and features.

Exclamation Reference Manual

The companion Exclamation Reference Manual provides an in-depth description of Exclamation features. You will not need this manual until you begin designing and developing your own sites.

Using the Movies Project demo

As you read the Exclamation Designer's Guide, you can follow the site development process using the Exclamation sample Movies Project, which is available as a separate download from the Exclamation Downloads page.

Note: The Site Design coding examples in the Exclamation Designer's Guide differ slightly from the recently updated Movies Project.

Opening the Movies Project

When you get to the "Creating a One-Page Web Site" chapter, double-click on the Movies.exproject file (in the Movies Project folder) to launch the Exclamation application and open the sample Movies Project.

The Movies Project includes tab-delimited files of movie information ( & used in the site development scenario. These files are exported from the Movies Site Editor application, which is also included in the Project.

Changing movie information

Although the site building scenario in the Designer's Guide does not describe changing site content, you can modify the "Richard's Movies" content database and publish your changes:

  1. Click the "Edit Content" button in the Exclamation toolbar, which launches the Movies Site Editor.
  2. The first time you invoke the Site Editor, it will ask for your user name. Enter any name you wish.
  3. Change the movie information however you desire, e.g., modify information about an existing movie, delete a movie, or add a new movie.
  4. Click the "Publish" button at the bottom of the Site Editor window to save your changes and return to Exclamation.
  5. Click the "Build Site" button in the Exclamation toolbar.
  6. When the site has been rebuilt, click the "Preview Pages" button to view your changes.

Uploading the Movies site

If you have a Web site you can update for testing purposes, you can upload the generated Movies site after specifying the access information for your site:

  1. Select Configure from the Project menu.
  2. Select the Hosting Service panel, fill in the details for your FTP server, and click OK to save your changes.
  3. Click the Upload to Web button in the toolbar.
  4. When uploading completes, click the View Web button to see the uploaded pages.

Beta Feedback & Support

Ten League Boots is very interested in your comments about any problems you encounter in learning and using the Exclamation product—incorrect application behavior, errors in the documentation, features that are hard to understand, Web site design challenges, .... We'd also like to hear about features that you find especially useful, and capabilities you'd like to see in future releases.

Please email your comments to using the "Send Feedback..." item in Exclamation's "Help" menu.

If you are reporting an application bug, please include the following information:

Preserving a copy of your Exclamation Project folder may be helpful in reproducing a problem. Duplicate the entire Project folder in order to preserve invisible Exclamation files. Please do not send your Project until it is requested by a Ten League Boots support representative.

See the Exclamation Support page <> for a description of Exclamation support resources.

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