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Installing Exclamation™ software

The Exclamation Download page describes how to install the latest beta release of the Exclamation software.

The Exclamation Release Notes describe the important changes in the latest beta release, along with the major issues that will be addressed in upcoming beta releases.

Getting Started with Exclamation

The Getting Started with Exclamation page introduces the Exclamation Designer's Guide and the Movies Project demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Exclamation Publisher and Exclamation Designer?
A: Exclamation Publisher merges site content (data) with site templates to create a Web site. Exclamation Designer enables a Web designer to create or modify an Exclamation site design. [more]
Q: Why can't I copy the Exclamation application into my Applications folder on Mac OS X?
A #1: Your Mac OS X account must have Admin privileges in order to make changes to your Applications folder. If that's the case and you still cannot put Exclamation into your Applications folder, use the Mac OS X Disk Utitlity (First Aid tab) to repair the permissions on your boot volume.
A #2: If you cannot make changes to your Applications folder for whatever reason, you can copy the Exclamation application to any personal folder. Exclamation will work wherever it is. Putting it into the Applications folder is only a guideline.
Q: What do Exclamation Publisher and Exclamation Designer cost?
A: During the beta testing period, the Exclamation Designer Demo is available free of charge to Web site designers and developers. Exclamation licensing fees will be announced before the official Exclamation 1.0 release. Contact for more information.
Q: What are the limitations of the Exclamation Designer Demo?
A: The Exclamation Demo is a fully functioning version of Exclamation Designer that runs for 60 days. The Demo adds a "watermark" footer to the bottom of each generated page.
Q: Why is there no Exclamation Publisher Demo?
A: Exclamation Designer includes all Publisher features. Designer also has the ability to mimic Publisher's user interface (see General Preferences).
Q: Is the Exclamation Publish Engine available as a stand-alone component?
A: The Publish Engine is currently distributed as part of the desktop Exclamation application. The Publish Engine is available as a separate component for integration into a custom Web publishing system; contact for more information.
Q: How can I tell what version of Java is installed on my system?
A: Open a command line window (Mac OS X: Terminal, Windows: Command Prompt) and enter a "java -version" command.

Providing Beta Feedback & Reporting Problems

Ten League Boots is very interested in your comments about any problems you encounter in learning and using the Exclamation product—incorrect application behavior, errors in the documentation, features that are hard to understand, Web site design challenges, .... We'd also like to hear about features that you find especially useful, and capabilities you'd like to see in future releases.

Please email your comments to using the "Send Feedback..." item in Exclamation's "Help" menu.

If you are reporting an application bug, please include the following information:

Preserving a copy of your Exclamation Project folder may be helpful in reproducing a problem. Duplicate the entire Project folder in order to preserve invisible Exclamation files. Please do not send your Project until it is requested by a Ten League Boots support representative.

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