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Exclamation 1.0b21 Release Notes

Exclamation 1.0b21 is substantially complete and can be used in development and production environments. This page describes the important changes in this beta release, along with the major issues that will be addressed in upcoming releases.

If you have any questions about Exclamation or if you encounter any problems with this release, see the Beta Feedback and Support section for information about contacting Ten League Boots.

Changes in Exclamation 1.0b21

Changes in Exclamation 1.0b20

Changes in Exclamation 1.0b19

Changes in Exclamation 1.0b18

Product purchase & activation

Exclamation uses the eSellerate® service to manage software purchase and activation from within the application.

The Exclamation Designer Demo is activated by "purchasing" a demonstration license for $0.00.

Special Beta features

This Exclamation beta release includes some features that will be modified or removed in the Exclamation 1.0 general release:


Some Exclamation features have limitations on their use.

Note: The light gray codes are references to our internal problem tracking system.


Incorrect Behavior

Some Exclamation features do not work as intended.


Beta Feedback and Support

Ten League Boots is very interested in your comments about any problems you encounter in learning and using the Exclamation product—incorrect application behavior, errors in the documentation, features that are hard to understand, Web site design challenges, .... We'd also like to hear about features that you find especially useful, and capabilities you'd like to see in future releases.

Please email your comments to using the "Send Feedback..." item in Exclamation's "Help" menu.

If you are reporting an application bug, please include the following information:

Preserving a copy of your Exclamation Project folder may be helpful in reproducing a problem. Duplicate the entire Project folder in order to preserve invisible Exclamation files. Please do not send your Project until it is requested by a Ten League Boots support representative.

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